Mahashivaratri : Shiva In My Life Photo Series

A night to be awake and aware! #Mahashivaratri 2017 🎶🎷🎵🎼❤️ योगेश्वराय महादेवाय त्र्यम्बकाय त्रिपुरांतकाय त्रिकाग्नि कालाय कालाग्नि रुद्राय नीलकंठाय मृत्युंजयाय सर्वेश्वराय सदाशिवाय महादेवाय नमः महादेवाय नमः महादेवाय नमः #yoga #yogi #mahashivratri #adiyogi #india #festival #incredibleindia A post shared by Priyanka Dalal (@priyankawriting) on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:39am PST Earlier in February 2017, life intensity […]

Of Being Single

I want to share a few thoughts on being single. I mean being single after the typical Indian marriageable age. For most Indian communities “marriageable age” passes once you cross late 20s and early 30s. It has now been a few years since I wrote my ‘How To Be Awesome By 30‘ post, so can safely say […]

2016 for Me – Year End Review

As the year drew to a close I saw many people were glad the year was finally ending. I don’t know why they need to personify a year to blame all the bad stuffs. Anyway personally my life has been awesome. Even world wise things seem to be going well, as we start accepting (slowly) […]

Angulimala’s Story

I always felt that his was a very intriguing story. Most Indians would be aware of it but just to summarize it, Buddha was on his usual walking journey and he came to a village. The villagers forbade him to walk through the nearby jungle because there was a dangerous bandit there. This bandit would […]