How to be Awesome Before you turn 30


On this momentous occasion of my turning 30 next week here is a look at the tremendous events that has helped shape the awesomeness that is me!

1. Solo Travel

A treasure I found 4 years back. I have been solo backpacking since then and I totally love it. It is a very spiritual experience – just being on your own, making your own decision, new experiences and the world. I blog about my travel @

2. Entrepreneurship

Again this is something that puts life on the fast track. No sitting on your ass and doing your work. It requires, often literally to be on your feet. Innovative, improvise and just stick in there. My company @

3. Social Media

I really don’t get the people that talk about social media being a waste of time, bad influence and so on. Sure you can use it badly, as you can anything in life. For me social media has been liberating. It has opened up avenues in life that would have been so difficult to open up otherwise. Doing random timepass with age/sex/occupation no bar groups, meeting them offline and finding amazing people belonging to a demographic that I would otherwise never be exposed to – older folks, CEOs and owners of big companies, health enthusiasts, non-profit volunteers and so much more.. People who I just do timepass with online, helping me so genuinely in real life and for real life situations has been so heartening!

Thanks to @r113 for help with my taxes, @netra for being so candid about important things in life, @annkur the startup baba and really sweet person, @deepakao for being a dear friend and the list really just goes on, and I may not have mentioned some other important people but if you think you are one of them then you probably are 😉

Also social media as a platform for self-expression has been invaluable.

4. The Isha Story

Maybe this is where everything awesome began. Isha Foundation – where I met my guru, @sadhguruJV and another awesome person – Swami Udhava. Without meeting these people my life would not have been awesome. There was no way it could have been awesome if I had not met them. The story isn’t all rosy and brilliant, its actually quite crappy and currently I have been blacklisted by them for being an awesome blogger (I blogged about my true but negative experiences there) but despite all that it is still brilliant.

5. Me

coz I am awesome.

9 Replies to “How to be Awesome Before you turn 30”

  1. Stay awesome. Always

    1. Thanks Yo!

  2. you are one awesome girl :). I knew it even before you blogged about it 🙂

    1. wow.. I also always knew you were totally cool & froody! 😀

  3. May your awesomeness continue to grow 🙂

    1. All my friends are so cool! 🙂

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