Boredom Shouldn’t Exist

The older gen is quite busy worrying and struggling. Really most of the time I find them too serious about stuff – people relations or general work wise they are too busy. The younger gen is cooler and usually having more fun except that they are usually bored. When they do get bored I am sad to say that I find they behave very stupidly. Usually they opt for cheap thrills. Many of them know that the stupid romance or inane conversations or crappy movie they see is just that – stupid. Yet, they keep doing that.

I see boredom as a sign that certain aspects of my life are not being managed well. I need to improve my lifestyle – not fill it with cheap thrills but fill it stuff I truly care about. Make it even more awesome…

After spending a year at an ashram I have some understanding of what aspects of my life need to be lifted. It might be the sadhna or the work or the involvement with people. It really depends. The point however is that I see Boredom as a sign of something is wrong – life needs improvement. Then one has to identify the right areas to improve on. If you accept boredom as something normal then just know that it is normal only because you are not managing your life properly.

From being dull and passive its better to get bored. Because when you get bored you look for more excitement – so that way boredom is a positive force as it makes you look beyond that which you are currently stuck in. It is like pain – a natural response of the mind due to a stagnant life. But then the right things need to be done…

Don’t get bored people – and if you do get bored then understand it is because of the way you are living, improve upon it in a holistic way.

The mind should naturally be in a state of meditative-ness. A lovely answer by Osho about Boredom being the way to Enlightenment! If you are bored then meditate on the boredom! 🙂

Boredom occurs when you have neither attention nor involvement with life around you but just lost in your own thoughts – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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