Yug theory – Research Findings

I had written a while back about the yug theory – why it is important and some interesting theories!

In my research I found out something that no one ever talks about. Yug theory all us hindus know about – but do you know the base of this theory? Our Sun has a binary star companion – a bigger, more powerful star companion. The Sun (and all its planets) revolve around this other star. As our solar system goes around this other star – the period when we are closer to the other star is a better yug while when we are further away we are in the worst (kali) yug.

Firstly, this is way into astronomy territory! (& I have a penchant for astronomy)

Secondly, a few hundred years ago we didn’t have the technology to prove the truth of this & this tiny bit of information has been lost from common knowledge. But now the technology is available – or at least I thought so…..

So last few months I was researching into the possibilities.

  1. I studied various binary/multiple star systems. They are actually very common in the galaxy.
  2. Next I researched whether a star that is part of stable binary – can it have a gaggle of planets like our Sun? I found that within certain parameters it is possible
  3. Using the fact that by (shorter) yug theory the Sun takes ~25000yrs to revolve around the other star once I could get some idea about the orbital period and the distance of that other star from the Sun.

I then got in touch with the perfect scientist to help my research – a planetary astronomer at UC Berkeley, @Alex_Parker. He was very helpful in replying and well negating the possibilities. 🙁

The parameters that we are looking at just don’t match up. The chance of their being a far off stellar companion to the Sun is highly unlikely as it would make our solar system unstable.

Because Sun has so many planets – the possibility of a stable binary star companion is only within limited parameters. According to findings by very recent NASA mission (WISE) we can clearly rule out those parameters. So basically it looks very doubtful that the Sun has a more powerful star binary companion.

So where does that leave us?

Our Yug Theory is based on this binary star companion. Science has proved that possibility to be very unlikely.

Now what?

There were two people who I had referred to in the last blog post – Sri Yukteshwar Giri and @SadhguruJV. Both of them have propounded the yug theory and the existence of Sun’s binary companion as well. The former is no more… but if someone has any contact with Sadhguru, please forward this info to him. Maybe he can provide some insight.

I haven’t made any research notes but can gather and send the info if required to anyone interested in looking more into this matter. If someone knows an Indian vedic expert who can dig deep into the Yug Theory & Sun binary star companion a bit more, would be very helpful.

Lastly, a lot of people don’t care about this. Again I would like to propound that you should. If you are a Hindu surely the yug theory means something to you. Don’t just become apathetic to it. Think about it intelligently. Basically I want people to care about these things.

Thanks. 🙂

4 Replies to “Yug theory – Research Findings”

  1. Sadhguru has provided insight into this. Exactly what he said. The scientists don’t know what they’re talking about. Want more proof? Need to work on our yoga skills!

    1. Feel free to “work on your yoga skills” instead of reading up my blog and posting fanatic comments! 🙂

  2. Fanatic about what? No need to make assumptions. My point is science will take forever to prove things like this. Yogis have perceived this and some of them have explained it. They’ve done that with just about everything, some things which science took decades or centuries to figure out, and some which are yet to be figured or ever will be. Scientists themselves keep changing their mind and even admit, we’ll never know, we’ll just keep disproving what we thought we knew.

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