The Jain & Hindu Overlap – Kaal Bhairava (Nakoda)

Earlier in the year I had written about how a Jain Yaksha (not exactly deity), Nakoda Bhairava is a form of Shiva and aspect of the Kaal Bhairava deity. Also, in case you are not well versed with Jainism hitherto, Jainism has no other Shiva connection as far as I know.

My mom just visited Nakodaji and got me a book from there. So now it is not just a speculation, the book clearly mentions a shrine to Kaal Bhairava himself at the gate to Nakoda tirth.

Nakoda Kaal Bhairava
Kaal Bhairava @ Nakodaji. The shrine is made by Jains only….

I am amazed that the one Hindu god that overlaps in Jainism and Hinduism is Kaal Bhairava – debatably, the craziest Hindu God there is…. He is a very fearsome form of Shiva, carries skulls to signify he takes care of the ghost n such, is offered alcohol and his animal is wild dog. He is also the god of Fertility n hence some of his idols have an erect penis. Oh yea the list goes on & on…. Mainly Kaal Bhairava is the guardian deity of Kashi, the holiest Hindu city. And now the one Hindu God who is also present in Jainism – albeit as my Mom pointed out – he is a Yaksha in Jainism so not exactly a God.

Now when I hear the Kaal Bhairava Ashtakam… I can still consider myself Jain. 🙂

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