Experiences with Long Term Value

There are some experiences that have a more fundamental impact on your life while others last in your mind for a while but they don’t majorly really change anything much.

Should be noted that you may be thrilled, get mental kick over something but fundamentally it may change nothing. So there is need for deeper perception to fathom the truly impactful experiences over cheaper thrills. It is not too hard but requires some dedicated thinking and clarity.

Identifying experiences which impact life fundamentally and move it in the right direction can lead to better choices in life.

I got some understanding of this when I got involved with Isha foundation – a yoga organization. I remember going with them in the Dhyanyatra – a pilgrimage in the Himalayas. It was so exhausting for me, long hours in the bus, early wake up n just going on. The only way I managed it was by doing my yoga practices. ;D

The thing is that since that trip I am tied to my yoga practice. Whatever I can do or not do but I generally do that one practice. Of course there were many ups n downs and some more events happened which then made yoga an even more consistent part of daily routine.

But more and more I am now seeing the impact of many of my choices some in the past year, some from many years ago. Impact of some, while the lack of impact of other choices.

This is important because I can impact the future too. So I am understanding and making choices accordingly.

My solo cycling and camping adventure in Europe was a result of this understanding. And it was brilliant. It felt so right and I for once in my life was close to a place I wanted to be within myself…..

I am currently in a fairly good state of internal clarity. Clarity of myself and about Life in general.

And this only happens when one invests in it.

Opt for experiences that transform life. Experiences that impact life at a deeper level. Experiences that really mean something.

It is easy,
Does seeing an Eiffel tower and maybe clicking a picture there and having coffee nearby truly impact your life? Will it impact something fundamental within you?


Will cycling and camping at your own pace in the countrysides for many days – being with nature and solitude. Doing stuff you have never done before impact something fundamental within you?

Most probably.

It is easy. Opt for choices and experiences that can impact you fundamentally.

Solo cycling & camping. Berlin to Copenhagen. 17 days. 550 km.

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