The Objective of this Blog

This blog started out as an exercise, it had a purpose. I was feeling that more and more my day to day conversations with people were inane. It was about stuff that didn’t matter to me much. And below this surface of inane conversations I had a whole bunch of thoughts shaping up. Thoughts about people, relations, life, society, spirituality, religion and all of existence. I found it difficult to converse with people on these thoughts, because a conversation means the other person contributes. And what I realized was that firstly people don’t really care too much to think about all this stuff. They don’t realize the value of the same.

Secondly, even if they care, their level of exposure and depth of understanding is usually way lesser. Over the years I have spent a lot of time doing some very hard core things like entrepreneurship, solo travel, yoga ashram time, sadhana and so on which has taken my level of understanding to a different level.

So this blog was a way for me to express these thoughts. In expressing them I develop these thoughts further. Once in a while it leads to relevant conversations with other people which I appreciate. So initially it had started out as an experiment because I didn’t know whether I would have something interesting to write …. or will I again fall into the rhythm of the same old, stupid, inane thoughts – like small personal experience, ranting & cribbing etc..

Here I should explain what I call these ‘inane conversations’. Take for example: As an entrepreneur I had to learn to fire people. Consider my first couple of times – it would have been such a task! I would have to think about how to do it & then somehow muddle through and fire away. But now I am quite comfortable with it – because when I know that it is not working out with a person – then I can quickly pull the band-aid and just let the person know that it is not working out.

Also as a solo-preneur in a non-funded, service company – I realized that I can’t prolong with candidates who are not a right fit & also I don’t have the luxury to really spend time moping or feeling upset about it. This means that I would fire a person, and then go on with my other tasks not really affected, because there is so much more work pending which I need to focus on. So as an entrepreneur I have to get into a certain mature state of mind and evaluate the importance of things. This is true of a lot of activities which require a certain mettle – Solo travel. Staying at an ashram. etc..

So when people around me want to have a conversation about how they need to cancel dinner plans with a friend and it is something they agonize on for a few hours “How should I say it” – then well time for me to short circuit the conversation and write this blog 😉

So the first objective of this blog is to write stuff that is meaningful to me. And as it turns out this stuff is often in the realm of ‘spirituality’.

Second objective of this blog was to well, have a more positive bent of mind. Notice how many times conversations are about cribbing versus being excited and happy. Over time I have begun to realize that India is a place where we tend to crib and criticize a LOT. Less of improving, More of cribbing about the situation. And I saw this in my life too. So this blog is a place where I develop my positive and joyful thoughts and not the critical and brooding ones. This is difficult because firstly when you are PRO something, by default you are CON about the other thing. So this is a balance I am exploring. I have begun to realize that while being PRO about something one needn’t be critical about the opposite.

blog objective

The two objectives of this blog,

  1. Share my truly meaningful thoughts on life & everything else
  2. Focus on the positive & happy aspects

These were the objectives I started with. Articulating here, I can now refer to them at times, but also develop them over time. Since starting this blog couple of years back, life is now very different. And this spiritual aspect of me has gotten way more defined and apparent in my lifestyle. And I must tell you that the contribution of this blog has been significant. Just writing down my thoughts, creating a space to develop and articulate and then publish my thoughts. It has helped significantly.

So all in all I love how this blog has shaped itself. There were some posts which were of course better than others. Some I thought fell a little short of the objectives I set myself, but all in all it is Good stuff.


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