Spirituality is more about Experience, not Reading

Co-Commuter: What do you do apart from work?

Me: I blog often during my free time

Co-Commuter: Oh, what do you write in your blog?

Me: Travel & Spirituality mostly. 🙂

CC: Oh, you blog on spirituality? You read a lot is it?

Me: Not really, now a days I do read a little but spirituality is not about reading. People who read a lot would be into philosophy, because reading is basically an intellectual activity. Spirituality is more about experience, so that does not come via reading. I have stayed for a year as a full time volunteer in a Yoga center, that is probably where I built my base in spirituality. And since then I have really looked into it deeper. In fact one should not be reading too much without real experience because you won’t really understand anything much. Rather reading can very often be a way to pick up misconceptions.

So, I have been thinking that while I have shared many of my meaningful thoughts here, I haven’t shared anything about the various exercises I have done and still do which have helped me reach some clarity in life. So that is a bunch of posts I want to write ahead on this blog, activities Towards Spirituality.

Hope it helps 🙂

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