2016 for Me – Year End Review

As the year drew to a close I saw many people were glad the year was finally ending. I don’t know why they need to personify a year to blame all the bad stuffs. Anyway personally my life has been awesome. Even world wise things seem to be going well, as we start accepting (slowly) the state of humanity.

People don’t like it when the gutter is open and the sewage is staring them in the face, but at least this way they can acknowledge that garbage is a problem. And soon they should push for a sustainable and less waste life. Figuratively and literally. 🙂

Online media and globalization keep throwing the crap that is abound in the world into our face. Let us have the strength to accept it and move slowly and painstakingly towards a future that doesn’t have such terribleness. And also at the same time keep spotting the beauty which is very much abound amidst all the crap.

Resuming with the Year End review 😉

I have come a long way since the days I started this blog. Then it was about being able to articulate and express my thoughts, learnings, experiences pertaining to my spiritual journey. Now this practice of articulating my deeper (and more real) thoughts is well established – and this blog has been invaluable.

So: Open Up About Your Real Interests, Here’s Why  🙂

Over the year I found myself amidst spiritual seekers. I made friends. I had conversations. I delved deeper into my own spiritual journey. I loved it. And I have many places to go back to. To explore, To meditate, To imbibe the spiritual vibes. To just be.

Some of these places,

And finally my travel trips are very close to what I need them to be.

The cycle touring trips provide me with deep solitude and a oneness with natural elements.

Cycle touring in India: False Sense Of Safety Due To Social Acceptance

In India, I am still not too keen on cycle touring in a big way, though I have done a bit. But my explorations into older temples, cultures and people stories bring me a deeper understanding of this country and its culture. Which is also very valuable.

People stories like: Food Consciousness From A Grandmother In Chennai

Specifically my travels in the last few months of 2016 really impacted me deeply. Earlier I felt that there were not enough places with real, genuine spiritual process in place, where I could go and progress. But so grateful, I found a lot of places where very decent and useful tools are in place for spiritual seekers. And they aren’t just in India. The Buddhist centre I found in Australia. The feeling of zen & peace I felt in Taiwan. It made me realise that the important thing is to keep the spiritual process alive within myself. The people, places and situations will then happen when the time is right.

So at the end of this year – a lot of gratitude.

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