I wanted to conform, but…..

As a kid, I wanted to conform. I didn’t have a penchant for sticking my neck out and standing out this way in society.

Oh, you went to Europe?


Where all did you go?

Germany and Denmark.

That’s it, just two countries?

Ya….. I was cycling. 🙂 Berlin to Copenhagen, 550 km in 17 days.

Ohhh… with some group?

No, alone.


(such conversations are common)

But as I grew older I kept looking around and people didn’t seem happy. And even if they claimed to be happy – there was a problem. Because there are horrors abound in society, and if you can live in your little puddle world and be happy. And not be tirelessly working (within capacity) towards social improvement, then of what worth is such happiness? Isn’t it just a mirage? Or do you think you are so complete an individual that you can reach high states of happiness being oblivious to another humans deep suffering? So, their happiness could only be a shallow one at best.

There are enough signs around us that clearly indicate an unhappy society. So eventually I realised there was no point in conformity. If I conform, I would surely be unhappy like the rest and I would be instrumental in allowing these social horrors to persist. Because when some social horrors take place in certain volumes in society – it is not just the criminal that is responsible. Usually there is a whole social mechanism that facilitates this crime – from poor education to poverty to cultural acceptance and more such factors.

So, I now find myself strikingly different from others, but thanks to Guru’s grace, happier than I ever imagined possible.

And a life that finally makes sense to me.

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