Year End Review : Vikram Samvat 2073 and Vira Samvat 2543 :)

Last year I decided to blog my next year-end posts as per the Hindu & Jain New Year that happens after Diwali (around Oct – Nov). Because this is when I feel it is a new year with all the festivities and thoughtful, relevant traditions. And as I am writing this, I also researched into the Indian calendars – Vikram Samvat and Vira Samvat and a few more. Both these calendars Vikram and Vira Samvat begin on the day right after Diwali. Generally, everyone including the Jains follow Vikram Samvat, but Vira Samvat is usually mentioned along with it.

So welcoming Vikram Samvat 2074 & Vir Samvat 2544

नूतन वर्षाभिनंदन  (Happy new year) 🙂

The past year, I must say it has been brilliant.

When I started this blog, I was feeling flustered with the lack of meaningful conversations with people around especially around spirituality and more basic life blocks. That has been slowly changing. And I have blogged about that too. I remember in my previous year-end post I wrote about finding many spiritual centers and communities like Adalaj in Ahmedabad, Atisha Buddhist Center and Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai.

Very happy that this past year I was able to go back to Ramanasramam as planned. I wanted to stay there for 3 months but I managed 3 weeks. So kind of miffed about that, but anyway the 3 weeks were amazing and I explored the place from the perspective of spending lot more time there. And it seems to be a very conducive and supportive place for sadhana. So very happy and grateful. Hope that in Vikram  Samvat 2074 I can stay for longer there 🙂

If you are wondering how I am planning so many months off in some small town this way – what about job/work etc..

Well, let’s backtrack a bit… last year after my long trip, Australia – Taiwan – South India, when I returned to Mumbai, the plan was to get a job and work again for some time. But when I finally did return maybe due to the time spent in the countryside or because of Ramansramam or maybe some other factors too, I couldn’t stand being in the urban jungle of Mumbai for long. So I quit the projects I had found here and decided to go digital completely. I figured it may take a few months to get good bit of digital work, but that was fine, I didn’t mind spending a few months on it. So that’s how I went fully digital nomad earlier the past year.

And thankfully I got a really good work project 🙂

So this is how I now managed to spend 3 weeks at Ramanasramam in September. I spent my birthday weekend in 2 days of complete silence at the Ramanasramam. It was wonderful!

During this stay in Tiruvannamalai I also met another spiritual seeker in Salem and it was one of the first times that I have explored a city in such a relevant and meaningful way with someone else.

Earlier I had written about Sant Sangati, and it is coming through in my life. I am very glad. And I must say, removing the people with whom I don’t have any wavelength match has been a very good step. Now, I am getting adequate solitude in my life and rest of the time I spend with people in a much more meaningful manner. And I actually value the interactions I am having in my life. Moreover, these interactions are supportive for me and my lifestyle choices.


Himachal india in vikram samvat 2073
Himachali devta, Kartha naag


I also spent over a month in the Himalayas in June-July. This had been long awaited. I spent a week in Spiti – amazingly powerful and pristine land. Still somewhat untouched by human encroachment. And then a month in a small town called Jibhi. This gave me a chance to explore the ‘demi-god’ culture and arcane spirituality/religion of Himachal Pradesh. And of course just be in lap of nature and the mighty mountains!

In terms of blog posts that I wrote here,

I started recently a series about common mistakes that I find people around me do with regards their spiritual thinking…

Mistake #1: Spirituality is for the Old Age

Mistake #2: Enlightenment is Unreachable

I also reviewed the AdiYogi book by Sadhguru – I would say it is a must read even if hindu lore / Shiva only fascinates you. But as a seeker it would be even more insightful.

I also wrote a few more in-depth posts on Karma Yoga, Cosmopolitan Society and निश्चल तत्वं, Discipline on the Spiritual Path and Acts of merit (पुण्य).

I have not managed to write that many posts on this blog, part of the reason is that I am writing a short book of my cycle pilgrimage earlier this year in December. So some of my writing time went into that. But it is still some way before it gets completed. Maybe that will happen in this New Year 🙂

Let’s see.

If there is something you want me to write on, leave ideas as comments or email me. Maybe I will write on it.

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