About Me

Professionally I am into marketing. Digital marketing. I also travel. I prefer long, solo, slow travel that allows me to immerse myself in the place, meet people, understand cultures, break habits, gain new experiences and just be on my own.

If I thought deeply about why I travel then it is only for spiritual understanding. Solitude, new  experiences, understanding the world all help deepen my perspective and hence spirituality. (What is spirituality?)

Digital marketing is something that happened on the way and I love it – it has so much potential in today’s world. And it is the future (and present too). I try to do my work in a way that has the best impact on everyone around and society. It is not always easy, but that is the attempt. And now I plan to align it even more to my spiritual inclinations.


I have been mulling existential questions all my childhood.  I have also been seeing the world and people around me running towards so many things that don’t make any sense for me. Social customs and norms that are often meaningless in any every way. All social avenues completely and utterly failed to give me even a modicum of answer to some of my internal agitation and questions.

Then I spent a year in a yoga centre in 2007. That was an awakening of a kind. I started seeing the glimpses of some answers.

It has been a long way since then and with the grace of gurus, life is getting well aligned with my spiritual inclinations and I find there is no other peace or feeling of harmony comparable to this.

This blog is part of my spiritual journey. I needed a place to develop my thoughts and it has worked incredibly well. Sometimes I also just share my thoughts and findings so readers into similar interests can hopefully benefit.

In case you need to contact me, I am at: priyankawriting(@)gmail.com

Have a great day!