Mahashivaratri : Shiva In My Life Photo Series

A night to be awake and aware! #Mahashivaratri 2017 🎶🎷🎵🎼❤️ योगेश्वराय महादेवाय त्र्यम्बकाय त्रिपुरांतकाय त्रिकाग्नि कालाय कालाग्नि रुद्राय नीलकंठाय मृत्युंजयाय सर्वेश्वराय सदाशिवाय महादेवाय नमः महादेवाय नमः महादेवाय नमः #yoga #yogi #mahashivratri #adiyogi #india #festival #incredibleindia A post shared by Priyanka Dalal (@priyankawriting) on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:39am PST Earlier in February 2017, life intensity […]

The Meaning of ‘Hindu’ & Why It is Important

Recently a Twitter conversation with friends, @priyankawriting It can be beneficial I should think. — Anubha (@teatattler) April 28, 2016 @priyankawriting mandatory is fine I guess. They could do away with including it in the whole “marks” thing, yes. — Anubha (@teatattler) April 28, 2016 @priyankawriting it’s the “Indian” institute of technology after all, doesn’t […]


Recently I came across an ancient Indian figure. I am usually curious about Indian legends and stories, so was quite fascinated by this creature. It is apparently better known in Oriya-land. It is called a Navagunjara, Pic source: Interesting isn’t it! How many different animals and birds can you count? Head – Cock – I thought it was […]

Towards Truth

I remember the first Isha Yoga program I did. There was one section in it where they spoke about Truth & Fact. I don’t know what they spoke, but I clearly remember the distinction they made between the two. At the time I understood it, but didn’t think much about it. Lately I have been […]