Of Being Single

I want to share a few thoughts on being single. I mean being single after the typical Indian marriageable age. For most¬†Indian communities “marriageable age” passes once you cross late 20s and early 30s. It has now been a few years since I wrote my ‘How To Be Awesome By¬†30‘ post, so can safely say […]

Creating Your 3 Groups To Happiness: Life Productivity

Recently a work colleague was telling me about a friend who was cribbing a lot about her boss loading her with a lot of work. She was working on weekends while the boss went traveling. My colleague suggested¬†to her that she get a boyfriend. I thought this was a really bad suggestion. We didn’t discuss […]

Contextual Trust

One of the things that are fundamental in life are your thoughts. And part of my spiritual journey and life is to think correctly. It means no rote repetition of what people keep saying but looking at the realities. Trust is a word often used, but mostly in a very wrong way. Starting from situations […]

Experiences with Long Term Value

There are some experiences that have a more fundamental impact on your life while others last in your mind for a while but they don’t majorly really change anything much. Should be noted that you may be thrilled, get mental kick over something but fundamentally it may change nothing. So there is need for deeper […]