Contextual Trust

One of the things that are fundamental in life are your thoughts. And part of my spiritual journey and life is to think correctly. It means no rote repetition of what people keep saying but looking at the realities. Trust is a word often used, but mostly in a very wrong way. Starting from situations […]

Experiences with Long Term Value

There are some experiences that have a more fundamental impact on your life while others last in your mind for a while but they don’t majorly really change anything much. Should be noted that you may be thrilled, get mental kick over something but fundamentally it may change nothing. So there is need for deeper […]

Towards Well being: How am I? #2

I remember a conversation I had once, “How are you” Me: “I don’t know who I am, how am I supposed to figure How I am?” This is generally the truth of my life. So as you might imagine, I face many challenges with the usual social conduct norms. More and more I have found […]

Year in Review – How am I doing? #1

I started this blog with this post – How to be Awesome before 30. Yes, the title is about calling myself awesome and the fact that I reached 30, but more importantly it is an attempt at acknowledging and being grateful for some of the best things in my life. Since then this blog with […]

Turning 30 & Then

I wrote the post about being awesome before turning 30 sometime back. At the time, I thought I would also write about after turning 30. Though, I figured it should hardly matter, after all it’s just a number. I had however underestimated the psychological and probably some physiological effect of the same. Cause many things […]