Contextual Trust

One of the things that are fundamental in life are your thoughts. And part of my spiritual journey and life is to think correctly. It means no rote repetition of what people keep saying but looking at the realities. Trust is a word often used, but mostly in a very wrong way. Starting from situations […]

Year in Review – How am I doing? #1

I started this blog with this post – How to be Awesome before 30. Yes, the title is about calling myself awesome and the fact that I reached 30, but more importantly it is an attempt at acknowledging and being grateful for some of the best things in my life. Since then this blog with […]

Boredom Shouldn’t Exist

The older gen is quite busy worrying and struggling. Really most of the time I find them too serious about stuff – people relations or general work wise they are too busy. The younger gen is cooler and usually having more fun except that they are usually bored. When they do get bored I am […]

One Blog Dies, Another one Begins

My personal blog was earlier on Posterous which has now shutdown. I did take a backup of my blogs there, *i think* but decided to start a new blog anyway because since then my thinking has changed a lot and the kind of blogs I want to write are now different. So don’t get fooled […]