The Guru Pooja

The Guru Pooja was for me an eye opener. I always had the fascination for Sanskrit as do a lot of people across the world. And I always wanted to be able to say at least a few Sanskrit shlokas. However, whenever I say any scripture or anything I want to be reasonably clear about what […]

Experiences with Long Term Value

There are some experiences that have a more fundamental impact on your life while others last in your mind for a while but they don’t majorly really change anything much. Should be noted that you may be thrilled, get mental kick over something but fundamentally it may change nothing. So there is need for deeper […]

Towards Truth

I remember the first Isha Yoga program I did. There was one section in it where they spoke about Truth & Fact. I don’t know what they spoke, but I clearly remember the distinction they made between the two. At the time I understood it, but didn’t think much about it. Lately I have been […]